Pippa Bailey ( Mother)
“Sarah Slater worked for our family, looking after our young children Louis 5 and Arlo 3yrs; when we were running a fireworks company (www.theworldfamous.co.uk), travelling extensively and needing care over extended periods while on tour. She became fondly known as “Super Sarah” looking after the children in hotels, outdoor festivals and in our home, enabling the children to visit us during meal breaks, etc. during our working days and managed to leave laughing with them as they embarked on another adventure.
Her manner is friendly, firm and always fun. Sarah facilitated daytime activities, teaching them games and creative activities, visiting sites of interest, the local library or park with equal enthusiasm. The program was varied and exciting for the children. She managed mealtimes, bath time and bedtime routines and the children grew very fond of her. Sarah was deeply respectful of family ways and sensitively knew when to intervene or leave us together, which is particularly challenging when on tour with a big company. The children still remember her with great affection and that is a testimony to her influence and care. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah Slater to you as an expert nanny and carer.”

Mark Clayton

“Sarah was a nanny at our Wedding in March 2010 and since then she has worked with us on and off for the past 4 years. My wife and I work in the film industry and have long hours and early starts. Sarah has been very willing to accommodate our random hours and has offered endless support.

This is what the children said when we asked them.”

Zac Clayton aged 7

“Sarah is very nice and she has a very nice camper van. Also, she is the best babysitter in the world! The best thing we did was driving her van”

Esme Clayton aged 5

“It was nice when Sarah used to take us to the park. She is a good babysitter because she likes playing with us and I like playing with her”

Sam Clark -Hall

“Sarah babysat for us on and off for 4 years. When they first met Sarah, Zac was 2 and half and Esme was 1yr. They took to her instantly, and so did my husband and I!

Sarah is great with the children, very calm, very creative and lots of fun. It was very reassuring to know that when the children were in such good hands when we were at work, they would be doing large scale art, playing outdoors, or off on a trip to a museum or park. Last year Sarah was the only person we felt happy to leave the children with for 4 days whilst both my husband and I had to work in different parts of the country. Sarah brought her camper van and the kids couldn’t believe their luck! Sarah sent us photos and updates of what fun they were having, it was a great way for the kids to kick off their summer holidays.

It is very sad for us that Sarah left London two years ago- so we are only able to get her back occasionally. Given the choice, I would only want Sarah to be our child carer. I would highly recommend her to a family wanting someone with experience in all types of childcare, someone who will bring imagination and fun to your childcare. Sarah is reliable, punctual, caring and uncomplicated. She is great with the children… and great with the parents too!

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah for any post with children and babies.”