Fed up with sugar fuelled kids parties?

Hate the competition of parents for the best party entertainer?

Do you hate the cost of it all?

Well lets go eco and party.


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I can offer a selection of traditional party games, to amuse, amaze and entertain.

With lots of hands on making, starting with decorating a party bag on arrival and then continuing through the party.

I recognise there is lot of pressure on parents and children to have the right party!!

Well I ‘m here to help make those tricky party plans easy for you.

I will consult with parents and children beforehand to create the right theme within budget and time allowances.

The ages of birthday children and their peers are very relevant, as to attention span and ability……………….. and of course numbers attending!!

The venue is also relevant, is it a big hall, garden or at home? All these details can be planned in a stress free way, with my help and experience.

I can tell a favourite story and then re-tell it with the children acting it out as characters and engaging with the storytelling with props, singing and generally silliness. This can be age dependent and has been very successful with children who are at the age of obsessing on a particular story, book or film!